The narrative that our country is divided has drowned out the fact that the majority of Americans agree on many issues.


However, the majority of Americans do not vote.

Less than 37% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the last midterm elections.

This was the lowest turnout in 70 years.


Democracy only works if the people participate.


November 6th.







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Where the People Stand

"The majority of us..."

Believe strongly in freedom of the press:

Want universal healthcare:

Want anyone to be able to get married:

Want to end the tragic epidemic of substance abuse:​

Want to join the Paris Climate Agreement:

Want to act against climate change:

Want an assault weapons ban:

Want an electoral system where everyone's vote is counted equally:

Are from a family of immigrants:

Do not want a wall on the border with Mexico:

Do not want racial discrimination to be a part of policing:

Do not want Roe v. Wade overturned by the courts:

Did not want Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court:

Did not want Donald Trump as our President:

Don't vote:

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